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Avoid getting sick: Some immune boosting foods, supplements that can help keep you healthy

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MILWAUKEE -- Health coach Heather Ferber joins Real Milwaukee to talk about immune-boosting foods.  Of course, we all know we should be washing our hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, getting enough rest and reducing our stress, but there is still more we can do.
Health Coach Heather Ferber is here today to share her favorite immune-boosting foods, supplements, and oils that can be incorporated into everyday life.

Immune Boosting Foods

  • Garlic & Onions - recognized by early civilizations as valuable in fighting infections most likely due to a heavy concentration of sulfur-containing compounds like allicin as well as selenium and quercetin
  • Elderberries - packed with antioxidants and vitamins and can easily be incorporated into elixirs and syrups
  • Red bell peppers - contain twice as much Vitamin C as citrus fruits when compared ounce for ounce
  • Broccoli - Packed with antioxidants and fiber and vitamins A, C, and E. Enjoy it raw or lightly cooked to maintain best nutrient density
  • Green Tea - packed with flavonoids which are antioxidants and in particular EGCG and L-theanine which may enhance immune function

Immune Boosting Supplements

  • Vitamin D3 - a deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as increased susceptibility to infection so talk to your physician about how much you should use to supplement
  • Vitamin C - supports various cellular functions and a deficiency results in impaired immunity and higher susceptibility to infections
  • Probiotics - create great gut health with a high quality probiotic
  • Resveratrol - a powerful free radical scavenger that impacts the life cycle of immune cells and has antiviral and antimicrobial properties

Immune Boosting Oils

  • Oregano - a powerful antimicrobial that has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It can be diluted in water or with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and used on skin or in a mixture to clean surfaces.
  • Lemon - powerful cleansing agent that pairs nicely with many other oils to create a pleasant scent and uplifting environment.
  • Rosemary - known to boost the body`s resistance against illness with a pleasant smell to diffuse or dilute and use on the skin.
  • On Guard - a proprietary blend of wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf and bark, eucalyptus and rosemary that can be used to diffuse or clean surfaces.
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