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DMV services: Don’t stand in line when you can go online

MADISON — The Wisconsin DMV reminds customers that the majority of people do not need to visit a DMV for vehicle services. From renewing license plates, to changing addresses, titling a new vehicle, and ordering a duplicate driver license or ID card — it can all be done online on the DMV’s website.

“Our robust website manages nearly all DMV tasks. Wisconsin customers need only visit a DMV once every eight years to renew their driver license or ID,” said Wisconsin DMV Administrator Kristina Boardman. “All vehicle services can be done online.”

For those who must visit their local DMV, local DMVs are open and staff are taking steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“We understand that people who are renewing their driver license or ID need to come in, but they can reduce their time by starting online. The Driver License Guide ( will walk the customer through the applications they need, they can fill it in online and submit it electronically. In some cases, they can make an appointment. All these steps will help shorten their time in the DMV,” Boardman said.

With the deadline for the REAL ID coming October 1, many travelers have questions about the status of their identification. “If you already have a passport or don’t plan to fly before your driver license or ID needs to be renewed, you may not need to rush into the DMV,” Boardman explains. “The card you have is still useful for voting and other purposes. Wisconsin issues both REAL ID compliant and non-compliant cards. The question is whether you will need it to fly after October 1 and before your next renewal.”

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