‘People are concerned:’ Coronavirus ‘panic-buying’ extends to guns, ammo

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MESA, Arizona -- Not everyone is loading up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer right now. The coronavirus outbreak has also prompted some people to stock up on guns and ammunition.

"If you can't buy toilet paper, I guess you buy guns and ammo," said Ron Sega, Guns Etcetera owner.

Although the guns and ammo might not help when nature calls. Guns Etcetera owner Ron Sega says he hasn't seen sales like this since the eight years former President Barack Obama was in office.

"He was the best gun salesman there ever was.  So, yeah, that  was the scare for eight years. They were gonna take your stuff away from ya," said Sega.

Now, a different kind of fear.

Coronavirus uncertainty has led to a spike of guns and ammo sales at his store.

"We sold upwards of 40 to 50 guns yesterday alone," said Sega.

That is a big uptick from a typical day -- before the virus impacted the country.

"Last three years, three or four," said Sega.

Andrew Weiner isn't a first-time buyer -- but wanted to beat the rush.

"Kind of a normal purchase. I got a bachelor party for myself comin' up and I'm pretty sure we're goin' shootin' so I wanna buy before everybody else panic-buys it," said Weiner.

Even though sales are good, it still doesn't all make sense to the people buying and selling.

"What scares me about all of it, though, if this is the reaction to something like this, what are we gonna do as a people when something actually happens?  I'm not saying this isn't a real thing.  Don't get me wrong on that. But...what," said Weiner.

"People are concerned, probably should be, but to panic to go buy guns and ammo and toilet paper. I don't know.  But, that's for them to decide," said Sega.

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