Kindergartners dress up to watch teacher say ‘I do’ in virtual wedding

DALLAS — Just because you’re attending a wedding while sitting on your living room couch, doesn’t mean you can attend in short and flip flops. Some kindergartners in Arkansas “dressed to impress” on Saturday to honor one of their favorite teachers.

Courtney McKendree and Chase Chism got married with a very small group in attendance — and hundreds more, including many of her students, watching on Facebook Live.

Parents of the little ones posted images online of their children all dressed up to enjoy the ceremony.

The couple from Perryville, Ark. was faced with putting off their wedding due to the coronavirus or going online with the ceremony. They chose the latter.

Chase told 501 Life the two were emotional about changing their plans for the regularly-scheduled, in-person wedding, but “there is complete joy in getting married. We were going to get married regardless. No Coronavirus was going to stop that.”

As for the honeymoon, the Chisms will wait until travel restrictions are lifted. They have no plans to go virtual for that.

“There is joy in the middle of the Coronavirus,” Chase told 501 Life.

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