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TikTok influencer encourages Ohio teens to stay home with viral dance

CINCINNATI (WJW) — One Ohio-based company has teamed up with a popular social media star to encourage young people to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Governor Mike DeWine says he has reached out to multiple Ohio business leaders, thanking them for their efforts and asking them to do more.

The governor says that Procter & Gamble, based in Cincinnati, has accepted that challenge.

CEO David Taylor rallied his team together to help spread the message to Ohio’s youth that staying home during this pandemic is critical and serious.

Procter & Gamble reached out to popular TikTok influencer Charli D’Amelio, 15, to help with their project.

On Tuesday night, D’Amelio created an original dance on TikTok encouraging young people to “inhale, exhale, breathe slow, remind, [and] stay at home!”

The video had 95,000 views in the first 10 minutes and now has over 6 million views. Teens across the nation, including some here in Ohio, have taken D’Amelio’s challenge and copied the dance. TikTok users are calling it the “Distance Dance.”

D’Amelio has 40 million TikTok followers which is the largest following on the platform.

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