Easter tornado in Mississippi breaks state record as largest tornado

(Credit: FOX News/Steve Harrigan)

MISSISSIPPI — Over 100 tornadoes touched down during the April 12-13 severe weather outbreak that stretched from Texas to Virginia.

In southern Mississippi, two intense tornadoes touched down Sunday afternoon, with one of those tornadoes reaching EF-4 intensity. The tornado packed estimated winds of 170 mph, left a 68-mile damage path and reached a width of two miles.


The size of the tornado surpassed a state record of a 1.75-mile-wide tornado in 2014, and is now the largest tornado in Mississippi state history. The largest tornado in the U.S. is the El Rino tornado — a width of 2.5 miles — which hit El Rino, Oklahoma in 2013.

Over the next eight weeks, tornado season will begin in the upper Midwest with the peak of tornado season arriving in June in Wisconsin.

It is important for you and your family to be prepared for the upcoming season by practicing severe weather plans around your home, getting alert systems ready — like weather radios — and staying tuned to the local forecast on www.fox6now.com or your FOX6 Weather App.

In this video, Meteorologist Eric Manges highlights past tornado threats in Wisconsin history, and how to be prepared for the upcoming severe season.

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