Don’t do this! Virginia woman rescued after getting stuck in washer during hide-and-seek

An innocent game of hide-and-seek took a wrong turn when one of the hiders unfortunately got stuck in a hiding spot.

Like many people in isolation amid COVID-19, Amari Dancy found herself bored and craving excitement, so she engaged in a game of hide-and-seek with her younger cousins.

What the 18-year-old thought was a clever hiding spot turned into a bit of a disaster after she got stuck in the laundry machine.

18-year-old Amari Dancy found herself stuck in the washer during a game of hide-and-seek. (Instagram: Mikoa_samigeisha)

Prince William County Fire and Rescue came to her aid. Footage of the incident was captured by Dancy’s aunt who you hear in the video say, “Kids will be kids.”

She told FOX 5, “Time to let kids go back to school please!”

Next time, perhaps avoid hiding in large home appliances?

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