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Dating during social distancing: Some advice for navigating virtual dates

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MILWAUKEE -- Dating is looking a lot different during social distancing. Erika Kybartas, a matchmaker with It's Just Lunch, joins FOX6 WakeUp with some advice for navigating virtual dates.

Dress to Impress

• Remember, it`s still a date, so you`re going to want to stay in that 'first date' mindset and dress to impress!
• Even though you`re at home, you`re going to want to ditch the sweats and opt for something more pulled together.
• By putting some effort into your appearance, you`re showing the other person that you cared enough to bring your 'A' game -- and it`ll make you feel good too and boost your confidence.

Pick A Well Lit Spot

• Pick a spot that is both comfortable and one that you don`t mind the other person seeing!
• It should have good lighting -- so set up your phone or laptop across from a window or a desk lamp so you`ll have enough light on your face. Natural lighting is best, but any ample lighting will do.
• And set it up so it`s at a flattering angle -- so your date doesn`t have to look up or down at you.
• And remember, it`s not just you who needs to look good, but your space as well! Depending on what room works best, make sure to clear up any clutter, make the bed or put away anything you don`t feel comfortable showing on camera.

Be Creative

• Talking and getting to know the person is certainly important, but you can still have fun and get creative during a virtual date!
• Figure out beforehand - is this a 'coffee date' or a 'happy hour'? Then you both can have your favorite drinks ready to go when you sign on.
• Maybe you can both enjoy dinner together -- prepare your own meals and talk about why you love a particular style of cooking.
• By getting creative, you can still enjoy those activities even though you`re in separate spaces.
• Ultimately, you want to be as relaxed and act as naturally as possible.

Keep It Short & Sweet

• A good rule of thumb -- it should last long enough for you to get to know your date, and short enough to give you an 'out' if it`s bad.
• For a virtual first date -- try for 30 minutes.
• Keep in mind that many people make a snap judgment about the other person within the first few seconds of meeting them -- and that`s not always fair -- especially on a first date when you`re both nervous and maybe trying too hard -- and when you`re getting used to something like a virtual date.
• You want to give the other person a fair chance of getting to know them before cutting your date short.
• However, if you two hit it off right away, don`t spend too much time together during that first date either. Leave some things to talk about for the second date!

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