VISIT Milwaukee: New signage in downtown aims to ‘improve visitor and local experience’

New signs unveiled by VISIT Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — VISIT Milwaukee, in collaboration with Milwaukee Downtown, Business Improvement District (BID) #21 and the City of Milwaukee, announced on Wednesday, May 6 improved wayfinding signage has been installed in the heart of downtown.

A news release says the new signage, which consists of 20 vehicular signs and over 40 pedestrian signs, replaces existing signage installed in 2002 by the City of Milwaukee. The new signs are part of a larger plan to improve wayfinding signage around the city; other projects include CityPost digital kiosks and the VISIT Milwaukee maps incorporated in each Bublr Bike docking station.

Peggy Williams-Smith, president and CEO of VISIT Milwaukee issued the following statement:

“Part of what has attracted major events to Milwaukee is our compact, walkable downtown and how easy it is to navigate the city. These signs improve visitor and local experience in a logical way. This means the overall visitor experience improves, and that ultimately benefits our destination’s tourism economy.”

New signs unveiled by VISIT Milwaukee

Facts about the new signage:

  • Each sign lists three attractions that experience high visitor density
  • All signs have been installed on existing sign poles and infrastructure
  • Thanks to their clever module design, the signs are easily adaptable to accommodate business name changes
  • The new sign design incorporates elements like exposed rivets that are intended to reflect Milwaukee’s reputation as a manufacturing hub
  • Other design elements draw on inspiration from the city itself, like the Hoan Bridge truss and a beer keg shape
  • The red letters spelling Milwaukee are meant to mirror other marquee signs found in the area
  • The 2002 signs all include “Downtown Milwaukee” at the bottom of each sign; the new design lists “” so that other neighborhoods can incorporate the unifying design
  • Over 40 new pedestrian signs have been installed, and they include walk-times to nearby attractions and eight existing information kiosks on Wisconsin Avenue
  • The signs’ blue color serves as a nod to our location on Lake Michigan (the back panels mimic light hitting the water)
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