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It’s unusual for a 9-year-old child to be captivated by the news. But my parents can attest, I was that strange kid who stayed up past my bedtime to watch the evening news. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself knowing that I’m living out my dream every day. Here I am all grown up, still staying up late for the news.

I joined FOX6 in June of 2012. I’ve had the privilege to share stories of courage, tragedy and triumph across southeast Wisconsin. You can find me on the nine and ten o’clock newscasts, but I’ve reported on every shift at FOX6. I’ve covered some of the biggest stories in the state. I was one of the first on the scene during the Sikh Temple shooting, standing with victims’ families trying to gather information about what took place. I extensively covered demonstrations following the death of Dontre Hamilton. And I reported for hours on live television in the middle of the Sherman Park unrest.

My work has been recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. I’m a three time Emmy nominee.

Prior to Milwaukee, I worked for WCIA in Champaign, Il. Before that, I spent a year at WAND as a Champaign bureau reporter. My time in Illinois led me to my husband, Ben Handelman. You might know him as the weekend anchor here at FOX6.

I was raised in Northwest Indiana, where my parents always encouraged me to follow my passion, not my pension. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Indiana University. Go Hoosiers! I earned my Master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

I love telling your stories. Keep sharing them with me. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Recent Articles
  • ‘My baby’s face was gone:’ 2-year-old Kenosha boy seriously injured after dog bite

    KENOSHA — A little boy from Kenosha is recovering after his face was bitten by a dog. It happened in Pleasant Prairie on Wednesday, Aug. 8. Two-year-old Adam Sanders is full of energy but for the past few days the rambunctious boy has been moving a little slower. “He’s in pain crying, moaning,” said Rachel Talbert, Adam’s mom. A day of fun and swimming at a cousin’s pool turned scary. Adam’s mom says their family member’s dog bit him in […]

  • 5-foot long pet iguana escapes, believed to be roaming Milwaukee’s east side

    MILWAUKEE — He’s about five feet long, 25 pounds and changes color. It’s not your average “missing” report. An iguana has escaped his east side home and his owner wants him back. About two months ago, the iguana — named “Nail” — jumped from above a comic book store called “The Turning Page” located near Murray and Greenwich Avenues.   “There’s a hole about that big that he burst through,” said Zach Hauser, iguana owner. Nail escaped from a second […]

  • Student’s ‘main mode of transportation’ stolen outside work in Walker’s Point

    MILWAUKEE — Surveillance video appears to show a thief walking away with a woman’s moped in Walker’s Point. It was stolen from 5th and Virginia Sunday morning, Aug. 5. The owner said she’s upset it was taken, but thankful the suspect was caught on camera. “It’s my main mode of transportation,” said Sarah Gleason, a bartender at MobCraft Beer. Gleason said Wednesday, Aug. 8 the theft is all she’s been thinking about the last few days. “The security footage just […]

  • ‘Helps bring us together:’ Positivity takes center stage at National Night Out event after weekend shooting

    MILWAUKEE — On the heels of a very violent few days in Milwaukee, people are saying “enough is enough.” Many came together on Tuesday night, Aug. 7, for a National Night Out event in Washington Park, where four people were hurt in a shooting on Saturday. The shooting that happened during a church picnic as people played basketball on the courts at Washington Park on Saturday didn’t deter people from coming out to the National Night Out event. Neighbors said […]

  • ‘Look what I got you:’ Community steps up with gifts for 8-year-old boy shot on porch in Milwaukee

    MILWAUKEE — The community is stepping up to help an 8-year-old boy who was shot while on the porch at a home near 34th and Locust on Monday, July 30. He suffered three gunshot wounds and was still in the hospital Friday, Aug. 3, as his family was surprised with gifts for the young boy and his sister. Complete strangers have reached out to show how much they care about Derrion Kelly. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Kravon […]

  • Contractor hits gas line near Hampton and Santa Monica in Whitefish Bay, prompting evacuations

    WHITEFISH BAY — We Energies officials were called out to Shoreland Avenue — near Hampton and Santa Monica Boulevard in Whitefish Bay for a natural gas leak on Friday afternoon, Aug. 3. A We Energies spokeswoman said a report came in indicating a construction crew struck a gas line in the area. North Shore Fire officials confirmed that — telling FOX6 News a contractor hit a low pressure gas line, and readings showed a large concentration of gas outside three apartment […]

  • ‘Literally everything’ stolen from work truck that was padlocked with metal cage protecting valuable tools

    MILWAUKEE — A work van was broken into on Milwaukee’s lower east side, and everything inside was taken — from tools, to ladders and even a case of water bottles. This, despite the fact that the van’s doors were padlocked shut and a metal cage protected the valuable tools. “You see, he cut the cage. Just bent the door and goes inside,” said Jacques Boulven. On Tuesday morning, July 31, Boulven left for work and discovered his livelihood had been […]

  • ‘Chills you to the bone:’ Thousand feel grief, gratitude as they honor fallen Officer Michalski

    MILWAUKEE — Thousands of people paid their respects as the funeral procession passed from Oak Creek to Milwaukee and Brookfield. People said the least they could do take a moment out their day to show gratitude to Officer Michael Michalski. For a man who touched so many lives. Most never knew Officer Michael Michalski but said his service and sacrifice will be something they will never forget. A procession made its way from Oak Creek, passing along the interstate. Officers […]

  • CCW permit holder in police custody after shooting man who attempted to rob him

    MILWAUKEE — Confusion looms after a robbery was stopped by a concealed carry permit holder Thursday night, July 26. A man shot his attacker outside a Milwaukee gas station near 34th and Silver Spring. It was all caught on surveillance. The wife of the man who shot his attacker, says her husband is being held by police. She’s frustrated because she says what he did was in self defense, and she just wants answers. “I’m glad I at least know what […]

  • ‘Salvation is the most important thing:’ Officer Michalski remembered for his strong devotion to God

    MILWAUKEE — Friends of fallen Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Michalski are remembering a man with a strong devotion to God. He was committed to his church and spreading his faith. That devotion played into his work. Friends say Officer Michalski was a strong Christian, and everything in his life revolved around his faith. “The hate is gone. I’m more confident in what I do,” said Michalski in a 2016 video. Michalski was committed to sharing his story. The officer, who […]

  • Witness: Suspect yelled ‘I’m not going back to jail’ before officer-involved shooting that killed MPD veteran

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee police officer was shot in the neighborhood near 28th and Wright Wednesday evening, July 25, according to MFD officials.  Milwaukee police said the suspect is in custody. MPD Chief Alfonso Morales in an update around 6:30 p.m. confirmed the officer, a 17-year veteran of the department and friend of the chief died as a result of his injuries. Chief Morales confirmed the suspect was taken into custody and a weapon was recovered. Morales said this started […]

  • ‘A dumb choice:’ Beer found in stolen vehicle after pursuit involving 3 sets of stop sticks, PIT maneuver

    WEST ALLIS — Prosecutors say they found beer in a stolen vehicle allegedly driven by a Milwaukee man, who is accused of leading police on a wild pursuit in the middle of the night. At one point, an officer had to run for his life to avoid being struck. Additionally, he’s accused of ramming a squad as the pursuit finally came to an end. Maxwell Pape, the owner of the stolen vehicle, was stunned when FOX6 showed him the dashcam video […]