I am an investigative reporter with a passion for public records and open meetings. I’ve been part of the FOX6 team since July 2018.

My love for journalism started when I was 12. My parents took me to school board meetings, which they attended to advocate for students with disabilities. I took notes, asked the board members questions after the meetings, and wrote stories about what happened.

Just a few years later, I did my first investigative report at the age of 15. My parents announced they were moving our family of eight from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania. I promptly dug up every fact I could find about the area, made arrangements to live with a friend’s family, and presented my findings to my parents. They congratulated me on my efforts, informed me that I was still required to move with them and my five brothers, and suggested I channel my energy into journalism.

Pennsylvania turned out to be lovely. After I graduated high school, I attended Syracuse University, where I graduated one semester early with a dual B.A. in broadcast & digital journalism and international relations.

A few weeks after graduation, I started my first television news job at WTOL11 in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo will always have a special place in my heart because it’s where I met my now-husband, Steve. It’s also where I officially started my investigative career. Through public records, I was able to expose flaws in the state’s school vaccination tracking system and uncover City of Toledo fraudulent food expenses.

I eventually returned to Pennsylvania to work at ABC27 in Harrisburg, where I was a founding member of the station’s first investigative team. I also started a weekly “Restaurant Report” segment, along with the market’s first television station podcast, called On Deadline. I continued to hold local leaders accountable through reporting on public expenses, nursing home violations, costly towing practices, efforts to skirt laws governing transparency, and gaps in the Capitol’s system for reporting sexual harassment.

I am a recipient of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accounts “Truth in Finances Award, along with regional honors from the Associated Press and the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, reading, hiking, and exploring our new home of Wisconsin!

Recent Articles
  • Doctors, patients: Efforts to block opioid addiction are also blocking treatment

    MILWAUKEE — Just walking up to a pharmacy window is enough to send Tina Kasten’s brain into overdrive. “You freak out,” Kasten said, using words like “anxiety” and “stress” to describe how she feels when she tries to pick up her prescription. Kasten, who lives in Manitowoc, takes Suboxone as part of her treatment for heroin addiction. She said she has experienced delays in filling her prescription a half-dozen times over the last year. Thirteen other patients described similar experiences […]

  • School

    ‘My daughter was restrained:’ Senate bill would help parents get info. when their children get hurt at school

    MADISON — State lawmakers Tuesday, Nov. 19 discussed a bill that would help parents get information when their children get hurt at school. A few years ago, a law was passed that says school staff can only seclude or restrain students, or prevent them from moving freely if they’re a danger to themselves or others. Advocates said it’s time to fill in the gaps. The Committee on Education heard testimony Tuesday regarding Senate Bill 527 which would expand restraint training […]

  • Classroom

    Wisconsin Senate bill would include suicide prevention hotlines on student ID cards

    MADISON — Wisconsin lawmakers want to use student ID cards to protect kids from suicide — the second most common cause of death for youth in the Badger State, according to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. During a public hearing Tuesday, Nov. 19, state lawmakers said we’re not moving fast enough on solutions. Senate Bill 496 would require school districts that issue student ID cards to also include contact information for suicide prevention hotlines. The bill would not require […]

  • Denied: Staff shields Governor Tony Evers’ emails from public access

    MADISON — Governor Tony Evers’ office is denying open records requests for his emails. The governor’s attorney says the decision saves taxpayer resources; transparency advocates say they’re worried about the erosion of the public’s right to know. “If you want to see what government is up to, you have to see the emails that they are sending,” Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council President Bill Lueders said. “I don’t think [this denial] is a legal interpretation of our open records law.” […]

  • Mom says school district brushed off her warnings about a teacher, then another student got hurt

    WAUWATOSA — When Wauwatosa School District substitute teacher Glen Fink was accused of putting a student with a disability in a choke hold in June 2019, parents and students said they were shocked. Kim Storey was not one of them. “This is one of those times where I’m sorry I was right,” Storey said. Storey says months earlier, Fink hurt her daughter Kitty, who has Down Syndrome. She warned the school district, but says administrators brushed her off. “Unfortunately, there […]

  • State lawmakers use loophole to delete public records, but SB 11 could change that

    MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin lawmakers are using a loophole to delete public records, but a bill would require legislators to follow the same rules as other public agencies. Supporters of Senate Bill 11 say they know it is a long shot. But they also say they are fighting for your right to know what is really happening in state government before someone presses the delete button. “There is a lot that happens at closed doors at the capitol,” said State Sen. […]

  • Wisconsin Legislature says you can't see secret records about lawmaker behavior

    Wisconsin Legislature says you can’t see secret records about lawmaker behavior

    MADISON — You’re voting for them. You’re paying them. But when a Wisconsin state lawmaker gets investigated for bad behavior, the details are hidden. The issue isn’t new; the Legislature made headlines a few times over the last two years for refusing to turn over records about harassment investigations. Since then, the courts have continued to rule that public agencies should release investigative records; the Legislature has continued to refuse. “We’re in the dark about the process,” said April Barker, […]

  • DMV fees are going up (again), so where is that money going?

    MILWAUKEE — You can’t get far in Wisconsin without hearing complaints about rundown roads; paying to fix the problem is a more complicated conversation. “I don’t think anything has helped to improve any of the roads for as long as I can remember,” Richard Liebert said as he walked out of the DMV on Teutonia Avenue in Milwaukee. “And I’m not young.” As drivers prepare for a hike in DMV fees beginning October 1, several are asking: Where’s this money […]

  • ‘Exposure to risk:’ Audit finds problems in Milwaukee voter registration process

    MILWAUKEE — A recent audit found inconsistencies and documentation errors in Milwaukee’s voter registration process. The June 2019 report says the voter registration system is “adequately designed and operating effectively.” However, it goes on to say that Milwaukee election workers were not consistently documenting voters’ proof of residence. Wisconsin law requires voters to show “proof of residence” during the registration process. The audit says election workers were consistently collecting the required information, but some were not correctly recording it. Improper […]

  • Bus

    ‘We’re not going to hide behind that:’ School bus company addresses late, no-show buses

    RACINE — After a first week of school filled with complaints of late and no-show school buses, Racine Unified School District and its contracted bus company say students and parents should see relief over the next few weeks. “We are the bus waiters,” one student in a Caledonia neighborhood declared. On Friday, his morning bus was nearly one hour late. On Thursday, it never showed up. “I didn’t have anyone to drive me [to school,]” he said. “My parents were […]

  • Child care

    Need child care? Investigation shows Wisconsin families struggle with shrinking options, higher cost

    MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin parents are struggling with long wait lists, high costs, and shrinking options as they try to find day care for their children, a FOX6 investigation found. Public records detail the growth of “child care deserts” and other factors putting a strain on families; state leaders say solutions will require creativity. “Everywhere we called had a two-year wait list” The Smith family didn’t originally plan on spending so much time in the car. When Theresa found out she […]

  • ‘Down to my lowest point:’ As opioid prescriptions fall, investigation shows new drug spikes

    MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin doctors are prescribing fewer opioids, but state data reveals a spike in a different category of addictive drugs that medical professionals warn has become an emerging epidemic. “They’re not just  a tablet that you’re going to take, study for a test, and do well,” CEO of Hayat Pharmacy Dr. Hashim Zaibak said, referring to stimulant medications like Adderall and Vyvanse, which are used to treat ADHD. “They’re very, very addictive medications.” “It’s just too easy” “I was […]

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