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I am an investigative reporter with a passion for public records and open meetings. I’ve been part of the FOX6 team since July 2018.

My love for journalism started when I was 12. My parents took me to school board meetings, which they attended to advocate for students with disabilities. I took notes, asked the board members questions after the meetings, and wrote stories about what happened.

Just a few years later, I did my first investigative report at the age of 15. My parents announced they were moving our family of eight from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania. I promptly dug up every fact I could find about the area, made arrangements to live with a friend’s family, and presented my findings to my parents. They congratulated me on my efforts, informed me that I was still required to move with them and my five brothers, and suggested I channel my energy into journalism.

Pennsylvania turned out to be lovely. After I graduated high school, I attended Syracuse University, where I graduated one semester early with a dual B.A. in broadcast & digital journalism and international relations.

A few weeks after graduation, I started my first television news job at WTOL11 in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo will always have a special place in my heart because it’s where I met my now-husband, Steve. It’s also where I officially started my investigative career. Through public records, I was able to expose flaws in the state’s school vaccination tracking system and uncover City of Toledo fraudulent food expenses.

I eventually returned to Pennsylvania to work at ABC27 in Harrisburg, where I was a founding member of the station’s first investigative team. I also started a weekly “Restaurant Report” segment, along with the market’s first television station podcast, called On Deadline. I continued to hold local leaders accountable through reporting on public expenses, nursing home violations, costly towing practices, efforts to skirt laws governing transparency, and gaps in the Capitol’s system for reporting sexual harassment.

I am a recipient of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accounts “Truth in Finances Award, along with regional honors from the Associated Press and the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, reading, hiking, and exploring our new home of Wisconsin!

Recent Articles
  • Open Record Special Edition: Questionable diagnosis

    MILWAUKEE — Millions of people around the world have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Many health experts say the true numbers are likely higher than that because of a shortage of testing, especially in the early stages of the pandemic. However, a woman from Markesan, Wisconsin says she thinks the number could be artificially inflated because she tested negative for the coronavirus multiple times, but still left the hospital with a positive diagnosis. In this special edition of Open Record, the […]

  • What happens to Wisconsin’s COVID-19 overflow contingency plans?

    WEST ALLIS — It’s not often facilities are built with the hope no one will use them. But that is exactly what is happening all over the country, as states and counties partner with the federal government to set up COVID-19 overflow field hospitals known as alternate care facilities. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has taken on the construction of 37 alternate care facilities, built with federal dollars. Two of them are in Milwaukee County — one at State […]

  • Open Record Special Edition: ‘New normal’ for local businesses

    MILWAUKEE — When the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the state’s ‘Safer at Home’ order, the state was left with a variety of rules for how businesses should operate. Now, local businesses are trying to figure out how and when they should open, and what their operations will look like in the new normal. In this special edition of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators invite FOX6 reporter Angelica Sanchez on to talk about how those businesses are responding to COVID-19 […]

  • Open Record Special Edition: Answers from Wisconsin’s governor

    MILWAUKEE — The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. A lot of FOX6 viewers have emailed or called our newsroom, looking for answers from top Wisconsin lawmakers on a variety of issues. Today, Open Record is bringing you those answers. In this special edition of the podcast, FOX6 reporter Jason Calvi sits down, via teleconference, with Governor Tony Evers. You’ll hear that interview cover topics from the state’s troubled unemployment system, to evictions during the […]

  • Open Record Special Edition: Evictions surge is coming

    MILWAUKEE — In the middle of this pandemic, many have lost their jobs. Those folks shouldn’t be worried about losing their home, too. That’s the idea behind Gov. Evers’ 60-day ban on evictions and termination notices for non-payment of rent. In this special edition of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators invite Contact 6’s Jenna Sachs on to talk about how what’s on paper and what’s playing out in real life, are two different things. Jenna talks about how Wisconsin’s issue […]

  • Open Record Special Edition: Business (not) as usual

    MILWAUKEE — Across the state, most of Wisconsin’s 72 counties are allowing bars, restaurants, and other businesses to reopen. This follows last week’s monumental Wisconsin Supreme Court decision striking down ‘Safer at Home.’ In Milwaukee, however, many spots are still closed under the city’s version of a ‘Safer at Home’ plan called ‘Moving Milwaukee Forward.’ In this special edition of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators look at the counties and cities across the state that have added their own local […]

  • Open Record Special Edition: A troubled (unemployment) system

    MILWAUKEE — Like states across the country, Wisconsin is dealing with an unprecedented spike in unemployment claims due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s a system that was hurting long before anyone had ever heard of the coronavirus. In this special edition of Open Record, FOX6 Investigators dig into an issue that bring the most phone calls and emails into the FOX6 newsroom: Unemployment. Thousands of people have been waiting weeks for payments and despite the state reporting it’s hiring […]

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling could mean denied unemployment claims, even longer waits

    MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin’s unemployment system was already backlogged. Then, the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the order that had closed businesses and restricted activities. “We are still doing the best that we can,” Department of Workforce Development program and policy analyst Emily Savard said. “It’s all hands on deck trying to get answers as quickly as possible to these questions. Because of course, people are going to be curious about this and how it affects their livelihoods.” While business owners […]

  • Open Record Special Edition: ‘Safer at Home’ is struck down

    MADISON — The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Gov. Evers’ COVID-19 stay-at-home order. It ruled his administration overstepped its authority when it extended it for another month without consulting legislators. Wednesday’s ruling essentially reopens the state and is being met with both concern and praise. Now both sides are finding themselves asking, ‘what’s next?’ In this special edition of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators invite FOX6 political reporter Jason Calvi on the episode to break down the court’s decision. He […]

  • ‘Snapshot in time:’ Sorting through the daily numbers on COVID-19 can be confusing

    MILWAUKEE — There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about COVID-19. So which numbers should you pay attention to — and what data is missing? It only takes a few seconds to give you Wisconsin’s daily COVID-19 highlights. But it takes hours to go through all the data that is out there. The data includes items such as: Hospitalizations Personal protective equipment (PPE) Ventilator supplies Cases by gender or age Group housing Recovery data So how do you […]

  • Wisconsin unemployment benefits

    Wisconsin’s unemployment troubles started long before COVID-19

    MADISON — Still waiting on that unemployment check? Labor attorneys and state employees say Wisconsin’s spike in unemployment claims isn’t the only thing to blame. “No one planned for Godzilla attacking the city,” labor and employment attorney Victor Forberger said. “And this is kind of like Godzilla is attacking the city through this unemployment crisis. But there are things a state can do to make it easier to manage that process, and it seems to me Wisconsin through the last […]

  • Open Record Special Edition: Virtually unprecedented

    MILWAUKEE — Last month, COVID-19 forced officials to delay the start of the Democratic National Convention from July to August. Now, one of the largest events in Wisconsin history could look a lot different. The DNC’s rules and bylaws committee has taken steps that could allow delegates to vote without ever stepping foot in Milwaukee. In this special edition of Open Record, FOX6 Investigators Bryan Polcyn and Amanda St. Hilaire invite FOX6 reporter Amy DuPont on to talk about what […]

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