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I grew up in Franklin, WI with my Mom, Dad and brother. My parents were both teachers and loved music. My Dad was also a high school basketball coach so I of course played sports. I was in organized basketball and baseball until I reached college. Both my parents were conscious of my artistic side at an early age so they got me into music in grade school. I played clarinet, listened to my parent’s folk and R&B records, and at the age of 12 started listening to hip hop music. To this day I claim that I brought rap music to Franklin. My parents were always supportive of my endeavors in school, sports and the arts. They taught my brother and I to be passionate and knowledgeable about many things, but more important, they taught us to have fun with whatever it was that we were doing. That’s probably why I’m in the entertainment business.

For over 16 years I dedicated myself to working in radio. I was at Lazer 103 for 9 years before it switched to 102.9 The Hog in 2005. Mandatory Metallica was a segment that I did every night for almost 5 years. Once Lazer switched to The Hog I was out of a job, but quickly got hired to do a morning show on 102.1 WLUM. For 7 years I was a recognizable and award winning personality on the Kramp and Adler Morning Show. You can still listen to past episodes of my Kramp Cast podcast on iTunes.

I’ve always been committed to entertaining Milwaukee while promoting its music, sports, family, food and fun. My passion for the city has never diminished and I continue to search for the people and events that make this city great. I’m very thankful to have a wonderful wife, son, supportive family, great friends, passionate viewers and past radio listeners.

If you have a story or an event that you would like to highlight, please reach out to me via email, Facebook or Twitter! Everything’s right here on my bio page.

Recent Articles
  • World Autism Awareness Day: Islands of Brilliance ‘utilizes project-based learning’

    MILWAUKEE — We all have questions about what’s going on in the world right now. But the questions Islands of Brilliance are asking are meant to help kids with special needs. Brian Kramp spent the morning showing how they’re providing a connection,engagement and joy to kids on the spectrum throughout the country. About Islands of Brilliance (website) Islands of Brilliance utilizes project-based learning which allows our students to grow their intrinsic capabilities and practice communication, increasing their likelihood of independence […]

  • Keeping kids busy: A look at some fun items you can pick up curbside

    BROOKFIELD —  If it’s nice outside, we need to take advantage of it. Brian Kramp spent the morning at Learning Express in Brookfield with some fun items you can pick up curbside. About Learning Express (website) At Learning Express Toys & Gifts, we aim to provide our customers with a lively, interactive shopping experience that delights the young and the young at heart. We take great pride in calling ourselves a “Neighborhood Toy Store” because we are just that, a locally […]

  • Perform some magic on April Fools’ Day instead of pulling pranks

    MILWAUKEE — It’s April Fools’ Day — and instead of pulling pranks Brian Kramp decided to call up illusionist David Seebach to perform some magic.

  • ‘Link the landscape to people:’ A look at the beautiful scenery at Mequon Nature Preserve

    MEQUON — Getting outside for a walk is much more common these days, but if want to walk and see beautiful scenery, then this may be for you. Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Mequon Nature Preserve — where being outdoors is what they’re known for. About Mequon Nature Preserve (website) We’re here to educate and enlighten! We link the landscape to people, giving children and adults an awareness and appreciation of the natural environment through hands-on experiences and […]

  • There’s a food drive in Watertown originated out of one of area’s oldest businesses

    WATERTOWN — There’s a food drive going on in Watertown that originated out of one of the area’s oldest and most popular businesses. Brian Kramp spent the morning at Mullen’s Dairy Bar on how local kids are getting box lunches during this down time.

  • Local distillery making sanitizer to combat COVID-19

    MILWAUKEE — Normally, Central Standard Craft Distillery makes award-winning spirits but now they’re also making sanitizer. Brian Kramp spent the morning learning how this local distillery has changed their operations to work against COVID-19 and other viruses.  

  • Looking for ways to keep your kids busy? Make a toy out of just about anything

    WAUWATOSA — If you’re looking to keep the kids busy, the good news is you can make a toy of of just about anything. Brian Kramp spent the morning at Ruckus and Glee in Wauwatosa talk with toy experts about some of the alternatives to you classics. About Ruckus and Glee (website) Ruckus & Glee is a toy, book, and game store for the young and young at heart. We are located in Wauwatosa, WI. At Ruckus & Glee, we […]

  • Food pantries all over the country are doing what they can to help those in need

    RACINE — Food pantries all over the country are doing what they can to help those in need. Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Kingdom Manna Food Pantry in Racine finding out how you can help them during this crisis.

  • WHS: ‘We need adopters and foster parents now more than ever – especially for cats!’

    MILWAUKEE — Attention animal lovers! The Wisconsin Humane Society needs your help. There are still some animals that need to be fostered and adopted during this crisis. Brian Kramp spent the morning at their main office with the details. Urgent need: Help us empty the shelters (website) We need adopters and foster parents now more than ever – especially for cats! We currently have dozens of animals available for adoption between our Milwaukee and Green Bay Campuses, and we could […]

  • Uptown Art in Sussex is making art survival kits to keep kids busy while out of school

    SUSSEX — If you feel like you’re doing the same crafts over and over with your kids — listen up! Brian Kramp spent the morning in Sussex at Uptown Art putting together art survival kids for kids. About Uptown Art (website) Uptown Art opened its doors in 2012 and has brought the love and enjoyment of art to thousands, now in 22 locations across the United States. Vicki Meads and Suzanne Hall are the co-CEOs of Uptown Art. Their desire was to design […]

  • Tippecanoe Herbs: ‘We create herbal medicine in small batches with herbs that we harvest locally’

    BAY VIEW — A couple in Bay View is doing what they know best, creating herbal medicine that’s locally harvested. Brian Kramp spent the morning at Tippecanoe Herbs to learn about a tea recipe made from items you may already have at home. About Tippecanoe Herbs (website) Tippecanoe Herbs is a small family business founded by herbalist Kyle Denton and wife Serena Marinelli founded in 2015. We are many things, but first and foremost we are community herbalists. We create herbal […]

  • Tornado relief: Fundraiser hopes to stuff a semi-truck full of supplies for people in need

    CUDAHY — Sweet treats are normally what Jen’s is known for, but lately, it seems as if they just want to help people in need. Brian Kramp spent the morning in Cudahy learning about a fundraiser that hopes to stuff a semi-truck full of supplies.

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