I grew up in Franklin, WI with my Mom, Dad and brother. My parents were both teachers and loved music. My Dad was also a high school basketball coach so I of course played sports. I was in organized basketball and baseball until I reached college. Both my parents were conscious of my artistic side at an early age so they got me into music in grade school. I played clarinet, listened to my parent’s folk and R&B records, and at the age of 12 started listening to hip hop music. To this day I claim that I brought rap music to Franklin. My parents were always supportive of my endeavors in school, sports and the arts. They taught my brother and I to be passionate and knowledgeable about many things, but more important, they taught us to have fun with whatever it was that we were doing. That’s probably why I’m in the entertainment business.

For over 16 years I dedicated myself to working in radio. I was at Lazer 103 for 9 years before it switched to 102.9 The Hog in 2005. Mandatory Metallica was a segment that I did every night for almost 5 years. Once Lazer switched to The Hog I was out of a job, but quickly got hired to do a morning show on 102.1 WLUM. For 7 years I was a recognizable and award winning personality on the Kramp and Adler Morning Show. You can still listen to past episodes of my Kramp Cast podcast on iTunes.

I’ve always been committed to entertaining Milwaukee while promoting its music, sports, family, food and fun. My passion for the city has never diminished and I continue to search for the people and events that make this city great. I’m very thankful to have a wonderful wife, son, supportive family, great friends, passionate viewers and past radio listeners.

If you have a story or an event that you would like to highlight, please reach out to me via email, Facebook or Twitter! Everything’s right here on my bio page.

Recent Articles
  • Training with video game technology at American Taekwondo

    BROOKFIELD — Brian Kramp spent the morning at American Taekwondo in Brookfield learning about their 20/20 armor. It’s a video game technology that helps kids pratice taekwondo. Kramp spent the morning learning the different games kids can play to help their training. History of Taekwondo (website) During the 6th Century A.D., the Korean peninsula was divided into three kingdoms, Silla, Paekche, and Koguryo. Silla, the smallest was in constant exposure and danger of being over run by her more powerful […]

  • Fashion for your feet: A Milwaukee man is creating stylish one-of-kind sneakers

    MILWAUKEE — When it comes to footwear, originality is appealing, but hard to find in stores. Luckily for, Brian Kramp found an artist who turned his passion for unique shoes in a career. She how he turns common sneakers into one-of-a kind kicks.

  • ‘Unique performance venue:’ How the Dancing Horses Theatre trains for performances

    MILWAUKEE — Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Dancing Horses Theatre learning how they train their horses for performances and how to ride. About The Dancing Horses Theatre (website) The Dancing Horses Theatre was created from one person’s vision, and their infinite love for horses. Our current show, “The Power of a Dream” has been crafted to evoke memories that many of us have from childhood. This vision, has been beautifully created, specific to our unique performance venue by […]

  • ‘It was my dream:’ The Italian restaurant serving up fish fry that’s fresh and flavorful

    MILWAUKEE — It’s a Friday fish fry that’s all in the family. Brian takes us to Milwaukee’s east side where Carini’s Southern Italian Restaurant is serving up fried fish with a touch of Sicily. Peter Carini first visited Milwaukee when he was a young boy. “I from, it’s called Porticello. It’s a small town outside Palermo Fisherman Village. My family used to run a fishing boat. We eat a lot of seafood, we didn’t have much meat at that time […]

  • A look at the sweet treats at Julie’s Artisan Bakery

    WEST BEND — Brian Kramp spent the morning in West Bend at Julie’s Artisan Bakery. Julie is teaching Kramp how she makes and decorates cookies by preparing some Easter cookie designs.

  • ‘Truly unique:’ Wooden works of art at W.S. Woodmasters in Hartland

    HARTLAND — Brian Kramp spent the morning at W.S. Woodmasters in Hartland. He’s learning how they make everything from bowls to wall art using wood. About W.S. Woodmasters (website) Will has been working with wood since he was 16. Over the years, he has developed his own design and styles. Although he can do any style furniture, his specialty is solid wood inlays and curved pieces with a truly unique art deco flair. He works with many different types of […]

  • ‘Thousands of fabrics:’ Patched Works strives to make quilting fun and exciting

    ELM GROVE — Brian Kramp spent the morning in Elm Grove at Patched Works. Patched Works is a quilt shop that strives to make quilting fun and exciting. They offer a variety of clubs and classes. About Patched Works (website) At Patched Works, we strive to make quilting fun and exciting. We offer thousands of fabrics off the bolt and all the good stuff that goes with it. We attend all the industry trade shows to make sure we are […]

  • 17th Annual Rockabilly Chili will once again take over the MSOE Kern Center

    MILWAUKEE — Brian Kramp spent the morning at getting a preview of WMSE’s 17th Annual Rockabilly Chili. The fundraiser is a chili competition that pits over 50 Milwaukee restaurants, cafes and caterers against one another to determine the city’s best chili. About 17th Annual Rockabilly Chili (website) WMSE’s 17th Annual Rockabilly Chili will once again take over the MSOE Kern Center on Sunday, March 10 and feature over 50 local restaurants, cafes and caterers. This has become the event to […]

  • Shred415 is an ‘instructor-led, calorie-burning, high intensity interval training class’

    ELM GROVE — Brian Kramp spent the morning in Elm Grove at Shred415. Shred415 is an instructor-led, calorie-burning, high intensity interval training class designed to target all muscle groups. About Shred415 (website) Shred415 was founded by Chicago fitness experts Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer in 2011. Frustrated with the lack of effective fitness options for busy parents and professionals, they set out to create the experience they wanted to see. By combining their 25 years of fitness industry expertise and […]

  • Divine Consign is a women’s consignment event featuring fashion choices for spring

    MILWAUKEE — Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Zoological Society Milwaukee for Divine Consign. Divine Consign is a women’s consignment event featuring fashion choices for spring. Kramp is learning about the deals, shopping for spring break and seeing if he and the hosts can guess the price of items. About Divine Consign (website) Divine Consign is FREE to attend! The Milwaukee sale at the Zoofari Conference Center is the most centrally located and easiest to access for our shoppers. […]

  • It’s fish fry season: Hales Corners hot spot that serves their fish fry Wednesdays and Fridays

    HALES CORNERS — Today is Ash Wednesday — marking the beginning of Lent for Christians. For local restaurants, that means fish fry season. Brian Kramp is once again highlighting some of the best in the area — and he’s kicking things off at a Hales Corners hot spot that serves their fish fry on Wednesdays and Fridays — all year long.  Click here to learn more about Hale House. About Hale House (website) Opened in 2015, The Hale House is […]

  • Plenty of Paczki being prepared at Canfora Bakery in Milwaukee

    MILWAUKEE –Tuesday, March 5 is Fat Tuesday. It is also known as Paczki Day by many — and that means there are plenty of Paczki being prepared at bakeries around southeast Wisconsin. Brian Kramp paid a visit to Canfora Bakery on Milwaukee’s south side on Tuesday morning. Because they want nothing but the freshest Paczki for their customers, Canfora Bakery has only been making Paczki in the last week.

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