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I have been at FOX6 since September 1990 and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Growing up in West Bend, I never would have believed that I would get the chance to cover events such as Super Bowls and Final Fours and Major League playoff games and NASCAR events as a Milwaukee sportscaster. In between, there have been so many feature stories with folks who excel far from the spotlight.

With continually evolving technology, there are more and more exciting ways to share those stories. This job is never the same from day to day, which is one of the reasons it is so much fun.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your viewing experience.

Recent Articles
  • Check out the Blitz Bulletin Board

    Welcome to the Blitz Bulletin Board.  So you are asking just what is the Blitz Bulletin Board ?  We hope it will be almost a catch-all of things that come our way in the course of life in the sports office.  Often, we learn updates on subjects of previous stories or find out what a former FOX6 High School Hot Shot is up to.  This is where we can share those items.  Each of us in the office has wondered […]

  • ‘Two Elaines:’ Former Gov. Martin Schreiber talks about caring for his wife, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

    MILWAUKEE — At one time, he led the state of Wisconsin. Now, he’s trying to lead those who have family members with Alzheimer’s disease. You see a lot of groups at Brewers games, and recently, there was one in purple, made up of 500 caregivers and volunteers supporting the Alzheimer’s Association. Among that group was Martin Schreiber, who, at the age of 79, still has things on his wish list. “It is my hope that people would become smarter, quicker […]

  • Get inspired: Homestead High School coach teaches wheelchair tennis in Wauwatosa

    WAUWATOSA — Tennis is a sport that many people can play for a lifetime. It’s also one you can play even when you are off your feet and on wheels. Jackie Egelhoff has lived much of her life on the tennis court. “We are three generations of United States tennis professionals,” said Egelhoff, wheelchair tennis director. Egelhoff is the head tennis coach at Homestead High School and has been for several years. She also coaches some players in wheelchairs. “It’s […]

  • ‘You can feel the difference:’ Packers receiver hopefuls catching on in Green Bay

    GREEN BAY — By now, most Green Bay Packers fans know that Jordy Nelson isn’t around anymore, but most Packers fans also know the team is expecting to maintain a high performance passing game. So who’s going to catch the ball? When the Packers won Super Bowl 45, they had an embarrassment of riches at the wide receiver position; Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Donald Driver were all major players — and they are all now gone. The […]

  • Packers left tackle Bakhtiari taken off the field on cart at Family Night

    GREEN BAY — Green Bay Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari was taken off the field on a cart, dampening the spirits Saturday, Aug. 4 at Family Night at Lambeau Field. Bakhtiari walked to the cart with his left shoe removed. Bakhtiari was named a second-team All-Pro each of the last two seasons, the first Packers offensive tackle to earn back-to-back All-Pro accolades since Hall of Famer Forrest Gregg. The Packers have been getting through training camp without one of their […]

  • At Miller Park, Prince Fielder says getting Brewers back to playoffs in ’08 was ‘the most fun I had playing baseball’

    MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Brewers on July 24 went back in time to honor a couple of players and front office members who brought a lot of winning to the city — and that’s not all they were known for. “We are all getting flashbacks and stuff and it’s pretty cool,” said Prince Fielder, former Brewers’ first baseman. Fielder and Geoff Jenkins, former Brewers’ outfielder, along with former GM Doug Melvin were honored at Miller Park. “So many great memories […]

  • Cedarburg man honored to win ‘fittest seated man on Earth’ title

    GRAFTON — A Cedarburg man doesn’t see himself as having a disability. He sees himself as a world champion. Tom Miazga is a shining example of how a positive attitude can take someone to great heights. “I am the fittest seated man on Earth,” said Miazga. In early July, Miazga finished first at the International WheelWOD Crossfit Games in Toronto; a four-day, 10-event challenge he is still beaming about. “It’s not boastful. It’s not cocky. It’s not big-headedness, but he’s […]

  • Inside the Milwaukee Brewers’ bullpen: ‘You can ask any guy — their heart races any time that phone rings’

    MILWAUKEE — Some of the most valuable members of this year’s Milwaukee Brewers’ team spend their time apart from the rest of the team, but that’s where the bullpen bond develops. Statistically, the Brewers’ bullpen is getting the job done this season. Anecdotally, the Brewers’ bullpen is making the job fun this season. “You’re down there, basically locked in a cage with each other for three hours a night,” said Dan Jennings, Brewers’ pitcher. The crew of relievers is quite […]

  • End of an era: High school coaches reflect on 30 years of summer baseball ahead of last inning

    MILWAUKEE — You might not realize that even though the school year is long over, there’s still one high school sport being played: summer baseball, which features teams that don’t play spring baseball, but starting next season, there will be no more separation. FOX6’s Tim Van Vooren goes Beyond the Game with four legendary coaches: Tim Van Vooren: “You’ve seen it all, so what’s the best thing about baseball in general — not summer or spring — but high school baseball, […]

  • ‘An eye-opener:’ MU summer campers learn real-life lessons with wheelchair basketball

    MILWAUKEE — Just like in years past, hundreds of kids are taking part in Marquette basketball’s summer camps. While they learn and develop new skills on the court, on one day of camp they learned a lot more than just basketball. The basketball courts at Marquette University’s Al McGuire Center were full of potential future Golden Eagles at another day of summer basketball camp. Dribbling and shooting are just part of the education. “I think it’s an eye-opener for them,” […]

  • Beyond the Game with the Milwaukee Croquet Club: ‘Anybody can play’

    MILWAUKEE — Summer in Milwaukee can be very hectic; with so few days of good weather, getting all the sports in can become hectic too. We found a summer sport that is perfect for winding down while also competing. Meet the members of the Milwaukee Croquet Club. “We’ve got a fantastic facility, this has got to be one of the best croquet facilities in the Midwest. So we have really lucked out in that regard,” said Milwaukee Croquet Club President […]

  • ‘Ready to step up:’ Packers’ OL Lucas Patrick could play an even larger role in 2018

    GREEN BAY — Six weeks or so ahead of the start of Green Bay Packers Training Camp, and by then, one offensive lineman hopes the focus on him will be strictly football. He was part of a viral video you con’t want to be a part of. Lucas Patrick was the Packers’ player who hit the line drive softball into Clay Matthews’ face. “The ball happened to come off my bat and hit him. Could have been anyone. I was […]