Contact 6: Website helps customers resolve complaints online

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MILWAUKEE -- FOX6's Contact 6 has some tips for angry customers who want a company to hear their voice -- to get their gripe across online.

With today's technology, instead of writing a letter to a company or calling customer service, complaints can be made online.

Contact 6's Katrina Cravy took to social media, sending out the following tweet on Twitter: "This is a test -- this is only a test. If I had a #customercomplaint, would @TJMaxx, @Kohl's, @Macy's, @TheBostonStore respond?

TJMaxx responded, but reaching out to a company via social media isn't always successful.

Dave Carroll had his guitar smashed by a baggage handler. He posted a video on YouTube that got over a million hits, and the airline resolved Carroll's issue.

Now, Carroll has started a website called, where consumers can post complaints, and GripeVine takes those complaints to the company.

The site is different from and some of the other online complaint sites, because it focused on getting a resolution for the customer.

"We give them the opportunity to be notified before the story goes out of control and goes viral to give them a fighting chance to manage their brand and resolve the problem. Overall, the whole idea is to resolve the problems and not fan the flames and bring brands down," Carroll said.

FOX6's Contact 6 says it's important for customers with complaints to remember to be respectful. The person on the front of the customer service line is most likely not the decision-maker and screaming (or going ALL CAPS) is not going to help. The best thing for a customer to do in this situation is state the problem and have a resolution in mind.

If that doesn't work, there's always Contact 6!

CLICK HERE to file a complaint with FOX6's Contact 6.


  • David A Bennett, Sr

    Thank you in your response regarding the USP Store and the popcorn popper. There was a resolution on behalf of the USP Store with some compensation.

  • barbarastevenson6

    The second week in december Frontier Motor Cars repossessed. My suv from 10927 W Wildwood ln. On dec 29th at 1:59pm, I call the police and they confirmed it was repossessed. I then told my son too come get me from home to see was it at frontier it wasn’t so my son said i coyld use his car. On our way to his house we saw the truck coming down the streets on the back of the tow truck heading north on 20th and oklahoma. We proceed to follow and the repo truck dropped it of on the side of the road at 15th and grant by a alley, my son and i were facing the opposite direction and that’s how we saw them. We they drop the vehicle and made a left on 16th and grant i got in the truck that had the club on it. I took it somewhere safe to figure out how to get a lawyer to handle this or how much money it would cost. The next day dec 30th i called frontier and talk to jeannia she admit to me at first they had my vehicle repossessed because of car insurance. She hung up on me i call back they said she’s not available so i call back at 2pm now she claims they have record of a repossession and she ask who told me that, i told her the West Allis police department she then said I’m going to call and then she hung up. I never said anything about me seeing the repo truck dropping it on the streets. On dec 31th I go get a request of
    public records a I get a copy of the call in repo logo.

  • barbarastevenson6

    After, i receive the logo I call a lawyer and i explain issues at hand she says to me that it not illegal to drive a repo vehicle and i didn’t have to tell them i had saw what happen. I was in the process of paying her 200 dollars to send them a letter. Well ,my said mom I’m drive the truck to drop off his girlfriend at work this was 1/12/2014 at 10pm,he was stopped by the police the vehicle had been reported stolen from frontier motor cars and just last week tues annette from frontier ask me for a car note payment. I came to the seen and told the police what happen and they still took him too jail even though i new he was driving the vehicle. I called frontier last night at about 7pm or so and tapk too annette at frontier she is now claiming they sent a notice to 1519 and both letters bake returned. Her claim is i was late on car note payment and i had no iinsurance. My son is in milwaukee county jail and i need help nobody will me. I’ve. Call all kind of lawyers but they are changering a lot of money. I also have 16 pagers of conversation that i had with them. Officer Kitts at 2 district said jeannia from frontier said it was stolen from 15th an grant. Please help me with matter, i would like my son out of jail and my 2900 hundred i gave since feb of 2013. Once again please help me.

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