‘I hope my cousin is alive:’ Milwaukee family seeks help in locating missing mother, son

UPDATE: Teana Mcmillon, 23, and her son Zaiyier Young, 5, have been found safe

MILWAUKEE -- Family members of a missing mother and son are pleading for help. It has been weeks since they have seen their loved ones, and they're hopeful someone will call or walk into the Milwaukee Police Department with information that may shed some light on their whereabouts.

"Can't nobody sleep, or eat or nothing. Not worried about anything except finding Teana," said Von Sheila Reed.

Teana Mcmillon, Zaiyier Young

Teana Mcmillon's family will never lose hope that she'll find her way back home.

"We're not in a place to where we can move forward. We are still stuck at what could have even happened to her," said Chapelle Brooks, who spoke with FOX 6.

Teana Mcmillon's family

17th and Atkinson

Teana Mcmillon, Zaiyier Young

Police say Mcmillon, 23, and her son Zaiyier Young, 5, are classified as "critically missing."

Teana Mcmillon

The family last spoke with Mcmillon March 1 when she was living at 17th and Atkinson. She was reported missing a week later. Since early March, the family has been walking around the area she was last seen, posting flyers and asking that anyone who knows something to call police.

They say Mcmillon needs necessary medication, and may have been in a violent relationship.

"Teana has a mental condition and we want to be there for her to make sure she is properly taking care of herself, but also Zaiyier too," said Brooks.

Zaiyier Young

The family says the grandmother has custody of Zaiyier Young.

They said they'll continue posting flyers, despite the fact that someone has been taking them down.

"I hope my cousin is still alive. I don't want to speak as if she's not, because I want her and her son to come home," said Brooks.

Police confirmed for FOX6 News they're investigating Mcmillon and Young as critically missing.

The family is hoping sharing their story may prompt someone to come forward with information that could help bring their loved ones home.

If you have information, you're asked to please contact Milwaukee police.